Data Science Workshop @ SISSA


Monday, 26 February, 2018 - 13:45 to Tuesday, 27 February, 2018 - 12:15

Following the success of the Data Science Proposal for the “Dipartimenti di Eccellenza”, on February 26 and 27 SISSA will host a first workshop along this new research direction.

The meeting will have a series of presentations, starting in the afternoon of the 26th, and ending in the morning of the 27th, where well known experts conducting research on Data Science will illustrate the main open questions in this new branch of Science, and review their main achievements. The meeting will be in room 128, with the schedule given below. 

A dinner will be organized for the evening of the 26th, with details which will be communicated during the workshop.

For further information, please contact Carlo Baccigalupi:

Data Science Workshop at SISSA

February 26, Room 128

13:50 - Meeting Start: Welcome by the Director, Stefano Ruffo

(Talks chaired by Carlo Baccigalupi)

14:00 - Evelyn Tang: The geometry and topology of neural systems 

14:45 - Andrei Mesinger: The cosmic 21-cm signal: preparing for the Big Data revolution

15:30 - Luca Ghiringhelli: Data-Driven Materials Science: Critical Role of the Descriptor

16:15 Coffee Break

16:30 - Tristan Bereau: Multiscale simulations of soft matter augmented by data-driven methods

17:15 - Matthias Rupp: TBD

18:00 - End of First Day and Dinner

February 27, Room 128

(Talks Chaired by Alessandro Laio)

9:00 - Fabio Anselmi: Invariant and selective data representations for efficient deep networks with applications to visual cortex

9:45 - Giulio Fabbian: TBD

10:30 - Coffee Break

10:45 - Rafael de Souza: TBD

11:30 - Jean Barbier: Unified and Rigorous Approaches to the Information-Theoretic and Algorithmic Limits in High-Dimensional Estimation and Learning

12:15 End of the workshop