PhD4PMI, com’è andata? L’iniziativa pilota si racconta


3 July, 2019

L’azienda lancia la sfida e i giovani della SISSA rispondono, utilizzando i loro talenti scientifici per trovare soluzioni alle esigenze delle imprese del territorio.
È questo l’inedito approccio di PhD4PMI, iniziativa pilota ideata e organizzata dalla SISSA in collaborazione con Confindustria Venezia Giulia. I risultati principali del progetto sono stati presentati nell’evento “PhD4PMI, com’è andata? L’iniziativa pilota si racconta” tenutosi alla SISSA di Trieste.

Scholarship for MHPC students


27 May, 2019

Call for a scholarship (€ 10.000) to carry out a research project for the development of data management services for nanoscale images through machine learning techniques, in collaboration with CNR-IOM (NFFA-EUROPE project). The call is open to those who attend the 5th edition of MHPC (a.a. 2018/19).


Deadline for applications: May 31st, 2019 



Thesis discussion - II part


20 December, 2018

Thursday 20th of December 2018, five students of the Master in High Performance Computing discuss the thesis.

09:30 Simone Martini
      "Performance of foam-extend on Ulysses Cluster with different
       MPI/foam-extend settings"

10:00 Elisa Bortoli
      "Reengineering and optimizations of GEOtop software package"

10.30 Dr. Timoteo Colnaghi
      "A Parallel Clustering Algorithm for Image Segmentation"

11.00 Alejandra Foggia
      "Massively parallel approaches to frustrated quantum magnets"

beanTech is now partner of MHPC


30 June, 2018

beantech is now partner of MHPC and it will sponsor a TIPforHPC fellowship for one of our sudents.

Synergy between training institutes and companies is the key for a better future!

New Deadline for Applications: July 24, 2018


22 June, 2018

We have decided to postpone the deadline!

New deadline: July 24, 2018 - 11.59 AM



26 March, 2018


Would you like to become a specialist in HPC? Send your application for the academic year 2018/2019!

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