Ivan Girotto

HPC Applications Specialist

...at MHPC

Module P1.5Parallel Programming

Lecturers: Ivan Girotto (ICTP)

Module Description: Introduction to key topics in parallel programming. Main parallel programming paradigms: message passing (MPI) and multi-threading (OpenMP). 


Module P2.16Fast Fourier Transforms in Parallel and Multiple Dimensions 

Lecturers: Ralph Gebauer (ICTP) Ivan Girotto (ICTP) 

Module Description: Introduction to the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) and its application to real problems. From the Discrete to the "Fast" version (FFT). Analysis of a most common algorithm for the solution of a multi-dimensional FFT on parallel systems

research interests

Ivan Girotto's main research interest is in software optimization for High-Performance Computing applications at large scale. His most recent publication is 'Massively parallel implementation and approaches to simulate quantum dynamics using Krylov subspace techniques.' 

Today at ICTP, Ivan is one of the principal investigator of the European centre of excellence for Materials design at the Exascale (MaX) as well as co-director and lecturer in number of international workshops, advanced schools and other programs for education and training on parallel programming for scientific computing and HPC.