Martin Kronbichler

Post-doctoral researcher at Technische Universit¨at M¨unchen

Institute for Computational Mechanics MHPC

Module P2.5: Advanced Computer Architectures & Optimizations

Lecturers: Chris Dahnken (INTEL) Martin Kronbichler (Technical University of Munich)

Module Description: The course presents advanced topics in optimization techniques needed in HPC environment. In particular it will focus on the use of application accelerators in highperformance and scientific computing and issues that surround it. 

research interests

  • Galerkin methods for flow problems (finite elements, discontinuous Galerkin)
  • Efficient numerical linear algebra
  • Software development for finite elements on massively parallel computers
  • Parallel and high-performance implementations, including matrix-free finite element methods (PI of the ExaDG project within the DFG Priority Program SPPEXA)