Sandro Sorella

Full Professor - Condensed Matter Theory at SISSA MHPC

Module P2.10: Monte Carlo method

Lecturers: Roberto Innocente (SISSA) Sandro Sorella (SISSA) Nicolas Salles (University of Nova Gorica)

Module Description: Theory and applications of the Monte Carlo methods. Hands-on with examples, analysis of simulations and parallelization 

research interests

  • Strongly correlated systems: variational description of entangled states of matter: Mott insulators, spin liquids and high temperature superconductors
  • Realistic simulations of electronic systems by a novel correlated method: from small molecules to the simulation of liquid hydrogen at high pressure and water at ambient conditions.
  • Realistic description of high temperature superconductors by a fully ab-initio, wave function based approach.
  • Ab-initio methods for strongly correlated systems by quantum Monte Carlo approaches and high performance supercomputers.